Vreezy Viile - Revelation EP

Vreezy Ville Drops his most anticipated Diaspora EP titled #REVELATION

Since dropping his mouth watering collabo (All I Want) featuring Mr. Leo back in March of 2017,
Vreezy Ville has embarked on a soul-searching game trying to define his inner talent and musical
expressions. All of this is captured in the most anticipated EP ever dropped by a Cameroonian
Diaspora artist titled #REVELATION.
The now US Marine soldier is not stopping at anything and has promised a US tour following
the release of this EP. Vreezy Ville’s label Franco Records LLC is embarking on an all aggressive
2018 strategy of building value for Vreezy Ville in the US and a later possible showcasing in

A classical musical production collaboration and engineering from CamerRudeboy and K Master
K Mix of the popular Cameroon duo group Rhythms. All tracks were written and composed by Vreezy
Ville. Backups by Detox, Kay Zeey, Manny Man, T. Nayah. An all-out Album Release party has
been slated for December 30, 2017, at POWER LOUNGE in Maryland 2335 Bladensburg Rd NE,
Washington DC hosted by Valery Holmes, Media Solutions, Stanlo Akisah, StanlonClothingg, Don
Prince (International Khati Khati ltd), Dj Chick & Friends. This will be most anticipated EP
Release for a diaspora artist in a long time.
Finally, the wait is over, Oya, enjoy and share with your friends and friends of friends…
December 20, 201,7 is your day for #REVELATION. Click the link below, Thanks.

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